Disneyland Opens for Cast Members (and Guests)

I was touched when I saw the Disney Parks video promo about the lighting of Sleeping Beauty Castle before Cast Member day. But then I watched the video and I thought it was a bit sad. I missed the smiling Michael Eisner days with Mickey Mouse. And then those 2 guys standing 6 feet apart wearing masks seemed like it was so staged… so PC! Ugh!

But then I saw this video, and I felt the feels, complete with chills.

I was a bit disappointed, though, by the Disney vloggers who got in on Cast Member preview day and the livestreams after they’d already done the first rides, etc. I wanted that to be my first peek – after suffering this past year together, talking about what we would all ride first, etc, well, I wanted to see that – not their livestreams after the fact.

I must say, though, during the few moments I did peek into the Lives and the view of Disneyland characters and attractions, well, that really made me happy. I’m so happy it’s open again even if I can’t go. It breaks my heart that it was closed at all, let alone for over a year.

I’m happy for all of you who are going and can go! Hope you have a magical time!!! After all, I imagine it is still our happy place. I certainly hope so, anyway.

I will peek into the vlogs just to soak up some of that happiness. I’ve been peeking into Disneyland since it was first being built, even if I was too young to remember.