25th Wedding Anniversary at the Grand Californian, Day 2, Part 1 (#Disneyland Resort)

We had a one-day, one park ticket left over from a July trip that didn’t happen so we made reservations for Disneyland. We’d recently been to DCA in April for the “Touch of Disney” event and hadn’t been to Disneyland Park since Rich’s birthday in August of 2019.

We enjoyed our coffee and pastry from the quick service restaurant at the GC in our room, took a selfie or two (lol!), and headed out to the park. We walked Main Street, took a few pics/video and then veered off through Adventureland for Pirates of the Caribbean. It felt so good to be back after a 2-year absence.

We’ve been drooling over our memories of our first and last Ronto Wrap back in 2019, and we wondered if we’d like the breakfast version. As it turns out, we loved it even more than the original version.

Then we saw a standby line forming in front of Oga’s Cantina so we put in our name and after a short wait, we were escorted to the bar in front of DJ Rex – yes!!

Rich ordered his favorite Jet Juice and this time I thought I’d try the Fuzzy Tauntaun. Whoa! When the ladies next to us asked for a straw, I said I’d need one of those and the drink went down better without getting too much of the numbing fuzzy foam.

We were sipping, laughing, dancing and really enjoying ourselves, dressed in our “Anniversary” tshirts when Rich asked for the bill and we were told that the 4 ladies at the end of the bar had bought our drinks.

We couldn’t believe it. We raised our glasses, blew some kisses, they smiled, and then they left. What an awesome way to kick off our anniversary! Yes, the CMs can enhance your Disney experience, but the fellow guests are truly special!

We’ll share the video of that here (in case you missed the sticky post):

After that fortification, we got in line at “Big Thunder,” and, oh my goodness, was it the Fuzzy Tauntaun or am I just getting too old to be thrown around like that, but that may have been my last BTMR. Gasp!

Then we thought we’d try for one more ride – Peter Pan. The sign said 20 minutes and that didn’t seem too long so we got in line. But it ended up being closer to 40-45 minutes. It was crowded and I kept putting on/taking off my mask. So that when we got to the front of the line, I forgot about it being off and the CM told me to put it on – lol!

The fun part about the line was exchanging “Happy Birthday” and “Happy Anniversary” with the guests celebrating something in line. Those little kids are soooo adorable!

After Peter Pan, we were hungry, so we stopped in to put in a mobile order but it was going to be 40 minutes, it was hot, the table we were sitting at was dirty, and families were too close by. So I checked the Disneyland App and noticed the Craftsman Bar & Grill had an opening back at our hotel, so we took off. That was enough for the morning, and we had plans to return later that day.

More on lunch and change of plans in the next post. Here are a couple pics from our morning at the resort including my new selfie trend (note: Rich is behind me – lol! A challenge for Rich and I to do selfies when standing side-by-side because of the height difference).

Photos in the park in separate post.