WDW Dining App Failure #WaltDisneyWorld

I should be writing up our last Disneyland report, but, instead, I’ve been trying to reach Disney World for 3 days to cancel a double reservation on the App that never should have happened.

As Disney relies on their Apps more and more, they do their guests a disservice to not offer better service. For one thing, you’re not supposed to be able to book 2 dining reservations less than 2 hours apart. But, somehow, we ended up with 2 dining reservations 30 minutes apart.

And we can’t cancel either one on the App. It says we must call. But we can’t get beyond the “call failed” message. Except once. That one time we got in the queue expected to be an hour, but we had to leave after 1.5 hours. Since then, it’s the “call failed” message. For days. I can’t do this anymore.

In the meantime, Rich has been on hold in the chat room all day long. Over the weekend, he was in the chat queue until they said they were closed.

Disney Food Blog shares their experience here, which is pretty grueling. Why are we all putting up with this? It really is unacceptable but Disney fans (including us) put up with whatever they dish out. What choice do we have? To cancel the trip, I suppose.

But even if we cancel, they’ll probably charge us for missing the reservations without cancelling. And then we’ll have to fight that. Sheesh!

Update: while waiting in chat, we got in the phone queue with expected wait time of at least 2 hours and then chat, after a 7-hour wait, finally resolved the issue!