Disneyland Reservations Kills Spontaneity

So I peek into the Disneyland App and noticed there’s a 1-day reservation available at Disneyland next week. The whole month had been sold out, so I jumped on it. Then I checked with Rich and he has an all-day meeting that day. Just in case he can get out of it, I also checked the weather for the 2 mountain passes between Las Vegas and Anaheim  and it looks good (unless you count the possible snow on the non-travel day). All that’s remaining, just in case we can go, is to contact our pet sitter and make a hotel reservation…

But… it looks like he’s needed in that meeting. So we can’t go. And this is what is so wrong with this reservation system. It’s impossible to be spontaneous, especially if you require an overnight with transportation, accommodations, weather, job considerations, and pet or child sitting services.

It would have been so fun to go during the Christmas season. Bummer!