Lunar New Year Festival @ Disneyland, Day 2, Part 1

There really were no attractive dining options for breakfast at the Disneyland Hotel, so we decided to head into DCA and grab something there. On the way, we passed the Uva Bar at Downtown Disney and noticed people were enjoying breakfast there (I no longer see breakfast listed on the Disneyland App). So we hopped in.

We were seated and offered menus and the “Mimosa Flight” immediately caught our attention so we ordered that. Then Rich ordered the Breakfast Sandwich and I got the Chilaquiles.

Our Mimosa flight arrived quickly and we began sipping on that. Both of us liked the Peach Mimosa best. Rich then liked the Cranberry, Pineapple, and the Orange (not so much) in that order. After the Peach, I liked the Orange, and the Pineapple and Cranberry were tied for least favorite.

We were really enjoyed the atmosphere and so glad we’d made the choice to stop in for breakfast. Eventually, Rich got his Breakfast Sandwich while I waited and waited and waited. The Mimosas were going to my head and I desperately needed something to eat, which I may have managed to say more than once…

Our server apologized and said he’d check on it and when he came back, he mumbled something and said my meal would be comped. Rich was starting to vocalize about how he didn’t want to eat by himself so then the manager stopped by to explain that the runner had given my food to another table and it would be here shortly. When the food arrived, our server said the entire meal, including Mimosas, was comped, so we ended up with a tasty breakfast and drinks for free – plus a tip, of course, because it wasn’t our server’s fault. Overall, with that outcome, I would have to say it was a wonderful experience

We then headed for the front DCA entrance (remembering when you could enter through the GC no matter which Disneyland Resort hotel you were staying at), and we took our first walkthrough of Avengers Campus. We stopped in a gift shop for some Spidey merch, but Rich didn’t see anything he wanted.

We then walked around, taking a gander at the food booths, but we knew as soon as we had room in our stomachs, we would get the “Spicy Noodles” that CheezyPop deemed too spicy to eat (even though he claims to enjoy some spice). Of course, I took that as a challenge, because I was pretty sure I, a native SoCal girl could manage all the spice you could throw at me compared to this native New Yorker – lol.

For some reason, we found room for our favorite “Ocean Beach” (Sea Salt Caramel with Fudge) Ice Cream Sundae at Ghirardelli so we went over there and shared one of those. So delicious, as always!

Then we were ready for the Noodle challenge. Rich was interested in the Butter and Garlic Noodle dish so we got in line and got one of each and then found the usual trash can table to stand by. Btw, the line was not long at all, compared to what the Vloggers show you on opening day, of course.

Yes, it was spicy but nothing I couldn’t handle. I loved it!!! Rich enjoyed his noodles, too, and we exchanged bites. He also found the spicy noodles not too spicy to enjoy the dish, although he prefers a little less spice.

By this time we were quite stuffed, so we walked around a bit more, heading back toward Rushin’ River Outfitters for a quick look around, and then through the Grand Californian and out to Downtown Disney for the walk back to the Disneyland Hotel for our afternoon nap. By this time, my calves were really sore and we weren’t sure if we could make it back to the Craftsman Bar & Grill for our dinner reservation so we called and they let us cancel it.

We would have to play the evening by ear.