Lunar New Year Festival @ Disneyland, Day 3

We had a fun trip and did everything we’d set out to do. But as for the Disneyland Hotel, well…

The fast check-in, welcome message on the TV, Keurig coffee maker, and refrigerator were nice touches. But we can no longer recommend staying at the Disneyland Hotel. After this stay, we have put it in the “Paradise Pier” category, as in “Never Again” – lol! There are very few services, if any, which is especially horrendous for the amount of money you pay to stay here.

Besides lack of services, there were weird noises at night and weird lights shining through the palm trees, moving around, shining in our room like some sort of drone. It was creepy. We got very little sleep that last night.

I woke up at around 2 am and was awake for several hours. Hungry, I opened up the Mickey caramel corn and snacked – lol! Finally, I got back to sleep. There were 2 slices of pizza in the fridge left over from Hearthstone Lounge, so we ate that for breakfast to go with our in-room coffee. Then we hit the road.

Oh, and one of the overhead room lights stopped working and even the “Wish Upon a Star” headboard lights that they were so proud of back when they first installed it, stopped working. There was really a lack of care for this property, not only compared to the Grand Californian but the Disneyland Hotel we once knew.