Cruise Ship Nightlife

We just got back from a short cruise on the Carnival Radiance. I uploaded a #Shorts video of the Steel Drum live performer on my YouTube channel. It really took me back to the time when it was a common sound on a cruise ship. I’ll be posting some reports here soon.

I don’t know what I love more about cruising: relaxing on deck with a refreshing libation, watching the ocean go by, or the nightlife, cozying up to a lounge for the live music. Maybe it all started when I first heard live music at the Tomorrowland Stage at Disneyland, my first trip to Las Vegas as an adult, or my Disco days.

But I do remember that moment when I was standing near the stage on the sidelines of the cruise ship casino, listening to live music, thinking how much I wanted that to be me on stage. By the next cruise, I was writing music and moving forward as a music producer. On this cruise I was very much aware of how far I’ve come since that cruise.

I’ve now done FAWM (February Album Writing Month) 5 years in a row and 50/90 a couple more. Check out this crazy genius collab with many of my talented FAWM partners – I’m the Bollywood Roller Dancing DJ known as SBS2018. I wrote a bit more about the background of the team effort on my blog or you can click on this link to give it a listen.