WDW Dining App Failure #WaltDisneyWorld

I should be writing up our last Disneyland report, but, instead, I’ve been trying to reach Disney World for 3 days to cancel a double reservation on the App that never should have happened.

As Disney relies on their Apps more and more, they do their guests a disservice to not offer better service. For one thing, you’re not supposed to be able to book 2 dining reservations less than 2 hours apart. But, somehow, we ended up with 2 dining reservations 30 minutes apart.

And we can’t cancel either one on the App. It says we must call. But we can’t get beyond the “call failed” message. Except once. That one time we got in the queue expected to be an hour, but we had to leave after 1.5 hours. Since then, it’s the “call failed” message. For days. I can’t do this anymore.

In the meantime, Rich has been on hold in the chat room all day long. Over the weekend, he was in the chat queue until they said they were closed.

Disney Food Blog shares their experience here, which is pretty grueling. Why are we all putting up with this? It really is unacceptable but Disney fans (including us) put up with whatever they dish out. What choice do we have? To cancel the trip, I suppose.

But even if we cancel, they’ll probably charge us for missing the reservations without cancelling. And then we’ll have to fight that. Sheesh!

Update: while waiting in chat, we got in the phone queue with expected wait time of at least 2 hours and then chat, after a 7-hour wait, finally resolved the issue!

More Cruise Cancellations (#cruising #OasisoftheSeas #RealWomenWearRed)

After last Friday’s big whopper announcement from the CLIA, today Carnival Cruise Lines announced their cancellations through September and some even October.

Our money is on no cruises on any of the major cruise lines until next year. And why we cancelled the late November, early February and even August Princess cruises, because we had a triple plan: 2 short cruises and then we’d make Platinum for the 25th anniversary Med cruise in August.

Final payment for the late November cruise was September and without any ships sailing before then to show us how the ships are going to handle this Bob thing and whether the experience appeals to us before final payment wasn’t going to happen. We’re not sure we want to commit to any cruise until we see what it’s going to look like. The only cruise we still have a deposit on is in 2022.

We’re also in wait mode for Disneyland and WDW – we want to see what the experience looks like before we make any plans – when we can make plans because we don’t have an AP at either park. So, it’s very doubtful cruising or Disney is in the cards for 2020 for us.

Our Oasis of the Seas video is still climbing (68K as of right now), but it’s fewer than 25 seconds so I cannot use any of the YouTube tools to promote our channel. I uploaded it for fun and was ignorant of Youtube requirements or really any possibilities for the channel. I since uploaded a longer one of Oasis of the Seas Part 2, but it hasn’t caught on quite like the original.

I would like to bring your attention to the “Cruise the Caribbean with the Women of Real Women Wear Red” (and Real Women Sing the Blues) video. That was so much fun – brought back the excitement of when the first book was first published.

I’m playing at working on the third book in the “Real Women” series that my agent had requested back then. Sales aren’t what they once were, so I’m not sure about the time commitment, especially because I’ve been so focused on writing/producing electronic dance music (EDM). But sales are picking up again, motivating me to get back into the writing groove.

Let me know if you’d like to see more of this.