Grand Californian Room Photos

It had been a few years since we’d stayed at the GC, but a 25th anniversary celebration was definitely worth it. Our room was a King Courtyard view, which a the front desk CM arranged for us through her manager when Rich told her it was our 25th anniversary. Otherwise, we would have had 2 queens.

The room had been refurbished since we’d last been there, the open space below the bed, Keurig, mini fridge, and the upgraded stand-up shower with 2 sprays (one a rain shower), which was fabulous! And because it was a King room, we had a couch and chair for sitting, instead of just a chair. It was a very comfortable room.

We’ve had a courtyard view before (as well as a theme park view and a standard view), but this time without the swooshing of the monorails since they still are not up and running at Disneyland.

#Disneyland and the #Cruise Industry: Let’s Get This Party Started!

Disneyland and the cruise industry seem to have one thing in common (besides the fact that both are our favorite recreational choices): lots of talk about what they’re doing to restart but without any real dates. Both tried last summer and both were shot down.

The latest video I saw, uploaded by Sharon at Sea, was called “Carnival Cruise Line: Gearing up to Cruise Again.”

It looks awesome to me, and Florida and Europe have actually pulled it off, proving that what they are doing works. But restarting cruising in North America and Disneyland out west is still just talk. I’m starting to think by the time cruising and Disneyland actually get back to business, this whole situation will be over. And maybe that’s what Governor Newsom and the CDC are hoping for.

Enough delays. Give us some real dates. Give us something to start feeling!

If you’re feeling it, check out these videos (music created/produced by me during 50/90):

Cruising: Can You Feel It?

Disneyland Reopening: Can You Feel It?

Disneyland Reopening – Can You Feel it? Apparently, Not

So I’m getting all revved up, really feeling the vibe of a Disneyland reopening date announcement as “imminent” to quote Governor Newsom. I even spent hours today creating a video using some of my Disneyland footage and a song I wrote/produced for #50/90 this year called “Can You Feel it?” Perfect, right?

And then my Mickey balloon is deflated once again.

Knotts, Disney Springs, and Las Vegas (#Covid19)

Fresh Baked, the Woo, and BLAB got a lot of crap for how they met up the day Knott’s Berry Farm Marketplace opened with social distancing guidelines in place. Wrongly so in my opinion – the crap, not the gathering.

Disney Shanghai is getting ready to open with social distancing guidelines in place. You can watch a video that David of FreshBaked shared here.

Disney Springs is opening on May 20 with just a few non-Disney restaurants like Wine Bar George. (Why Tim Tracker will not be going).

Las Vegas sit-down restaurants with safety measures in place are starting to open today, May 9, 2020.

Everybody reacts differently to being sequestered at home for an extended period of time. Extroverts need people – that’s what energizes them. Introverts tend to stay home more anyway so it may not be as obviously painful. But, for me, as an introvert, I’ve struggled mentally with the lack of freedom to move around. For me and the world at large. I need other people to be out and about, even if I’m not.

So how do I feel about these openings? Will I be among the first to get out and about? Well, I must say I’m happy to see things starting to open, that people have more freedom moving around, that people are getting back to work and small businesses will be coming operational.

But as a people-watcher, sitting in the car while Rich shopped for groceries, watching people wearing masks, I began to feel like I was watching a horror movie and I’m so not into that. I realized then that as long as masks are required, I won’t be there. That’s what I’m thinking right now.

I might not mind CMs, servers, and clerks, etc. wearing them. It could seem like part of their uniform. I’d hoped I could imagine masks on guests (especially themed masks) as part of a masquerade party. We’ve ordered both Dodgers and Angels masks (the Disney masks on ShopDisney aren’t available until July) to wear out instead of our usual generic white masks. But watching the shoppers wearing their generic masks? Like they’d escaped some hospital or something worse? That’s not magic. That’s a horror film.


French Martini & Cocktail Video (Inspired by Disney, Cruising, Las Vegas, California, Florida)

With the release of French Martini on Kindle, I was inspired to create a video looking back at our life through cocktails – lol! This was so much fun to put together (PS – a link to a recipe for a French Martini is in the video description). Enjoy! Also, please subscribe, like, and/or comment on the video. Thank you!