Cruise Ship Nightlife

We just got back from a short cruise on the Carnival Radiance. I uploaded a #Shorts video of the Steel Drum live performer on my YouTube channel. It really took me back to the time when it was a common sound on a cruise ship. I’ll be posting some reports here soon.

I don’t know what I love more about cruising: relaxing on deck with a refreshing libation, watching the ocean go by, or the nightlife, cozying up to a lounge for the live music. Maybe it all started when I first heard live music at the Tomorrowland Stage at Disneyland, my first trip to Las Vegas as an adult, or my Disco days.

But I do remember that moment when I was standing near the stage on the sidelines of the cruise ship casino, listening to live music, thinking how much I wanted that to be me on stage. By the next cruise, I was writing music and moving forward as a music producer. On this cruise I was very much aware of how far I’ve come since that cruise.

I’ve now done FAWM (February Album Writing Month) 5 years in a row and 50/90 a couple more. Check out this crazy genius collab with many of my talented FAWM partners – I’m the Bollywood Roller Dancing DJ known as SBS2018. I wrote a bit more about the background of the team effort on my blog or you can click on this link to give it a listen.

Sweetheart Nite at the Grand Californian #Disneyland #Shorts #Jazz

We found ourselves at Disneyland for the kickoff of the February Sweetheart Nites with Jazz at the Grand Californian. We were also there for Lunar New Year. I’ll post the reports sometime soon.

In the meantime, here are a couple of videos (#Shorts) we captured and uploaded on YouTube. Funny how Part 2 has 68 views but Part 1 has none. Go figure how YouTube works – lol!

I’ll hand it to Disney for this one – FABULOUS!